Tomintoul Museum & VIC: It’s an Asset

Tomintoul Museum & VIC: It’s an Asset

Working in the Tomintoul Museum and VIC has been a great experience so far. I have met a variety of different people who have travelled from counties all over the world. Many come with interesting stories to tell; some who had previously worked and lived in the village up to 70 years ago, and others who have sat for hours telling me about their travels across Scotland and other parts of the world, sharing with me their stories and experiences. One person who particularly stood out for me was a man who was carrying out research for a university degree; he had cycled all the way up from London in 38 days with no more than a bike, tent and some basic supplies. Stopping in cities, towns and many small villages similar to Tomintoul, he would chat to locals in the hope that they would give him an insight into life in the area. He had many stories to tell, and I admired his bravery of travelling to an unknown location with rarely even a map to follow never mind any other form of communication!

Another part of the job I really enjoy is feeling more involved within the community. Even though I have lived here for the majority of my life, since working at the VIC I am constantly learning and expanding my knowledge of the area, which I feel is very valuable. It is a very satisfying feeling when someone comes in lost, or needs somewhere to stay and you are able to help them!

I feel the Museum and Information service the VIC provides is a very important asset to Tomintoul and Glenlivet. It provides a much needed base for people to become aware of the amenities and activities the area can offer, and encourages people to stay and use these to their full potential. Nearly every person that comes through the doors has something positive to say about the area, and many remark on the interesting and informative information the museum contains.

Laura Herschell, Visitor Services Assistant