Knock Steading

Knock Steading Location: A’anside Grid Reference: NJ 15156 27161 Canmore ID: 291097 Recorded by: CC, DM, JB, AW, AM, EB, AW Date recorded: 20-21/09/2017 Site overview Knock Farmstead stands upon the first terrace above the floodplain of the River Avon at an elevation of 100 metres O. D. The farmstead occupies a level site and comprises a dwelling house and an L-shaped steading with another yard to the North. The larger range of the steading building is aligned east-west. The shorter range of the steading building is aligned north-south The L-shaped steading stands 10m north of the house separated by a track. The dwelling house is a two storied bay house with central dormer windows and rear outshot to the west. North-south range of steading building This range comprises two compartments. The southerly compartment measures 4.8m east-west by 11.5m transversely within stone faced rubble stone walls 0.6m thick rising to a height of 10m at the wall head. It is a gable ended with a roof of rafters covered with sarking and Knock Fergan slates. There are two entrances on the east wall. The more northerly (smaller) doorway provided access to a midden pit measuring 10m north-west by south-east by 20m east-west by north-south by 5m deep (to confirm). The southerly doorway measures 2.8m wide and gives access to the track. The compartment contains a threshing machine against the west wall slightly off set from the centre. The threshing machine is driven by water power from an undershot wheel located outside the west wall. The northern compartment measures 7m north-south by 4.8m east-west. The walls are 0.6m thick. There are three entrances on the E side of which the northerly two have been reduced by inserted concrete blocks. The southerly entrance provides access to a wooden staircase. The two northerly entrances give access to two compartments formed by wooden partitions. East-west range of steading building This range comprises two compartments. The west compartment measures 11.9m east-west by 4.8m north-south. It contains two stalls against the north wall and a wooden trough measuring 0.6m wide. There are three entrances, two entrances on the south facing wall and one entrance on the north facing wall. The east compartment measures 26m by 4.8m within faced rubble walls 0.6m thick. There are four entrances on the south wall facing the midden and yard. There is a concrete terrace at the east end and on the south side of the east-west range and to the west of the north-south range. There are concrete foundations to south. There is a mill pond 400m west of the steading. This would have supplied a lade that carried water to power the mill wheel through a sluice.
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